Below are Vitapur Policies:

In accordance with the federal Government directives on Nigeria Local content Development policy on Engineering Domiciliation, Produrement Centers and Fabrication in Nigeria and Nigeria content targets of 50% and 70% by year end 2007 and 2010 respectively. We at Vitapur Nigeria limited support this initiative.

The policy and status of vitapur Nigeria Limited on the above subject matter are as follows:

  • The use of Nigerian Human resources - We make use of 100% Nigerian professional/skilled/unskilled labour on all projects except in stringent conditions whereby we might have to employ expatriates. Even when we find the skills are unavailable in Nigeria, we implement training plans that will enable such skills to be developed locally at the earliest possible time.
  • Procurement, Materials and Services - Nigerian skills and labour are applied to the sourcing of equipment, materials, goods and services on all projects except the stringent conditions whereby we might have to consult technical partners abroad.
  • Nigerian Ownership Structure - Vitapur Nigeria Limited was established with 100% ownership structure held by Nigerians.

In pursuit of mutually beneficial relations with identified impacted host communities, VITAPUR NIGERIA LTD, shall:

  • Establish and maintain close relationship with all segments of the identified impacted local population to better understand their concern, needs and aspiratons.
  • By the instrument of constructive dialogue, work out the modalities for the participation of the identified impacted communities in our activities.
  • Continuously asses and abate the social and economic impact of our business activities and take appropriate preventive and mitigating measures.
  • Respond to formal community requests inan approprite and timely manner.
  • Bring relevanr issues affecting host communities to the attention of appropriate authorities and other bodies that can be of assistance through our clients.
  • Manage the settlement of issues arising from tradition and culture in company operations and for damages ina fair, accountable and transparent manner and in accordancance with statutory provisions approved by procedures.

The driving values of VITAPUR NIGERIA LTD are to:

  • Implement all proper means to ensure the Quality, safety, Health and well-being of employees involved in all VITAPUR activies and work places.
  • Understand and anticipate our Clients' needs and expectations and satisfy them through safe and timely solutions that preserve the environment, respect the communities and contribute to the development of all stakeholders.
We are committed to:
  • take into consideration Quality, Safety, Health and Environment criteria in each and every work process.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and relevant industry standards with respect to Quality, Health, and Protection of our environment.
  • Satisfy fully the quality standards of our Clients and of the country where we operate.
  • Integrate sustainable development principles in all our activities.
  • Promote through management commitment and employees' trining, company-wide participation in the QHSE continuous improvement process and recognise those who contribute.
  • Share with our partners, suppliers and subcontractors our QHSE values.
  • Report our performances against annual objectives.
  • Maintain compliance with and implement this commitment in all of our entities, subsidiaries and projects.
Our goals:
  • Fulfilment of the principles of the commitment to "no incident and nobody get hurt" is essential for the continued and successful develpment of VITAPUR NIGERIA LTD and the achievement of our goals embedded within the value of the Company.