Prefabricated structures

We Offer The Most Complete Prefabricated Structure

Prefabricated building comprise of several factory built components or structures, transported to the desired location and then assembled at the site into the finished buildings. This greatly reduces construction time, cost and improves project productivity, making you more competitive in the market and ultimately generating greater ROI, making it a smart choice for building.

Today, prefabricated buildings are more than just temporary buildings, and with the emergence of new technologies and construction practices, we have the ability to utilize these strategies to create innovative and quality buildings, while also improving construction productivity.



There are countless applications of prefabricated building solutions worldwide– from permanent housing in both remote and urban locations, to retail space solutions and health facilities, to industrial site offices and special event requirements.

    Applications Include;
  • Offices
  • Health facilities
  • Residences
  • Schools and campus buildings
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Warehouses etc

The Vitapur Advantage

The inherent adaptability and durability of Vitapur’s prefabricated building units’ means that we can develop buildings to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding or obscure applications, creating functional buildings that are time and cost efficient, durable, adaptable and sustainable.