Pipe Insulation

Pre-cut pipe sections are used to insulate and protect heating and plumbing services within large diameter pipe systems.
Typically, it is used in municipal heating and offshore oil and gas pipelines, process industries (food and beverage), power stations and refineries.
The pipe sections come in two halves of 1.0 meter long, cut from the PU foam blocks. Pipe sections are cut based on the required pipe dimension and insulation thickness the customer so desires.

Vitaour Pre-cut pipe sections come in two variants (1) Poly Urethene foam (PUF) and (2) Poly Isocyanurate foam (PIF). They offer a versatile range of polyurethane solutions to give your pipelines superior thermal conductivity properties in both discontinuous and continuous production.

It could be used to make pipe-within-pipe, with a layer of rigid foam binding an inner and an outer pipe. Insulated pipes can be thus prefabricated, which is one of their key advantages, allowing for quick installation, and its high insulation performance, where long term temperature resistance is of critical importance.

Vitapur Pre-cut Pipe sections are proven as reliable, innovative, flexible and cost efficient for transport of a variety of liquids both inside and outside of the buildings. Its materal properties give long service life and as the pipes are low-weight and highly flexible, they can be installed easily and quick, even over obstacles and round corners.


  • Pipe daimeter from 25mm
  • Insulation thickness from 20mm
  • Average density: 35 - 48 kg/m
  • Temperature range: -180°C to +140°C
  • Moisture performance ratio: 1:2
  • Functures well beyond 25 years